Clients' Testimonials

"If you are looking for the best immigration Lawyer in the city of Philadelphia, please look for Kaplan David am telling you this because of my own experience. I am proud of this Lawyer very respectful, humble, brilliant & God fearing."

Shola Falodun

"David Kaplan is worth every penny. My wife had been ripped off by many attorneys prior to us connecting with David. Unlike others, he understands how to navigate his way through the immigration system to get things done!!! My wife's case was a very complex one, in which several trips to the court house were required to obtain her permanent residency. This week she is attending her Naturalization Oath Ceremony! Not everyone is good at the job they get paid to do...David is phenomenal at what he gets paid to do. Thanks, David."

Terp G.

"David is the best immigration lawyer in town. Excellent service and really knowledgeable. Mr. Kaplan is an amazing human being and very reliable. More than 20 years practicing immigration law."

San L.

"David and his staff, particularly Diana, have been beyond any expectation that I ever could've had for my experience with the immigration process. They are the fifth legal office to look at our case, and the only one to successfully advance it. If we had come to see David at the beginning, I am confident that the last 12 years of our lives would've been very different. However, I look forward to our new life now that we finally have found a way to go forward."

Tiana Q.

"David is the most amazing immigration lawyer that you can hire. He is extremely professional and has over 20 years of experience."

Jael L.

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